Cancellation Policy

If any guests decide to cancel the tour for any reason, he shall notify the EziiTours team and further has to confirm by writing a written application to EziiTours OR email to with a reference of the booking ID provided to him / her. The letter or email must contain details of tour code, date of departure, no. of guest's and the original receipts issued by EziiTours. Cancellation by email will be valid only if given on abovementioned email address. Any other form of request for cancellation shall not be considered as request for cancellation. Such cancellation shall attract the cancellation charges as stated hereinabove. For the purpose of this clause, cancellation can be due to any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, the reason of inability to participate due to any illness, death, court orders, non availability of travel documents and the like. As per the Booking conditions, EziiTours is constrained to levy the aforesaid cancellation charges towards Air tickets, visa, charges by suppliers and the like.

EziiTours reserves the right to cancel a tour departure without assigning any reason. In case of a Visa rejection being force majure, the entire deposit amount shall be forfeited if the guest/s' cancels the tour , as airline tickets ,hotel vouchers and the like are required for the VISA purpose and are non refundable / partial refundable.

Any such refund shall be payable to the guest after receipt of the refund from respective authorities after considering above mentioned cancellation charges. All refunds shall be given in Indian rupees only. EziiTours reserves the right to issue future tour discount letter to their valuable guest.

No. Of Days Domestic Tours (India Only) International Tours (outside India)
Number of days prior to departure applicable to written cancellation application is received by the EziiTours. Amount of Cancellation charges % on total tour price must be paid by the Guest/s. Amount of Cancellation charges % on total tour price must be paid by the Guest/s’
More than 60 days Registration Amount or 10% whichever is higher Registration Amount or 5000 whichever is higher
60 - 31 days 15.00% 15.00%
30 - 15 days 25.00% 25.00%
30 days - 07 days 50.00% 50.00%
07 days - 04 days 60.00% 60.00%
On Tour Above cancellation charges will apply on the total Tour price excluding the discount, rail and air fare cancellation. Above cancellation charges will apply on the Total Tour Price (INR + Forex) excluding the discount.

In case of any doubts about this cancellation policy, you can query with us to

Please note the legal name of the company is Ezii Ventures D.B.A EziiTours* (Doing Business As)