Girnar Parikrama

With Datar Parvat and Navnath Dhuni

6 Days / 5 Nights


As we all know Girnar is the home abode of Lord Guru Dattatreya, but beyond that it is also an important place of worship for Nath Sampradaya and Jain sect. It is in this very region of Girnar that 64 Yoginis, 84 Siddhas and several Sadhus and Saints reside and are in a continous mode of meditation and penance.

It is customary to do a Circumambulation to the Girnar mountain range - basically a 'Pradakshina' and often known as 'Parikrama'. Girnar Parikrama is said to bear fruits as you do a Pradakshina to all the saints, sadhus, Gods and Godesses who reside in the Girnar mountain range. This Girnar Parikrama, also known as the 'Lily Parikrama' is only open for 5 days in a year before Kartiki pournima. This Girnar Parikrama is done only through the Girnar Jungles which otherwise are not allowed by the Forest department for anyone to go in. Several Lakhs of people do this Girnar Parikrama every year which is an amazing display of Faith. The length of the Girnar Parikrama is about 38 kms starting from Rupayatan and ending at Girnar Talethi.

Girnar Parikrama with EziiTours is interesting. In our Girnar Parikrama we intend to explore many parts of Girnar and not just the parikrama alone. Our Girnar Parikrama plan allows you to pay a visit to the near by Datar Mountain which is a holy place for the Nath Sampradaya and also visit Nath Dhuni. The trek to Nath Dhuni is of moderate difficulty. The second day of our trip we actually do the reverred Girnar Parikrama. This Girnar Parikrama is of 36 kms - however due to non availability of autos we have to walk 2 kms more.

Many think that Girnar Parikrama is undoable however we have successfully conducted several Girnar Parikrama's till date. We try to make Girnar Parikrama easy by effective planning and coordination. We ensure safety of our travellers during the Girnar Parikrama

EziiTours gladly brings to you Girnar Parikrama 2017 - Akhand Girnar Darshan


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Please note:
  • Hotel accomodation provided on twin sharing basis
  • AC / Non AC preferrence can be given
  • All in-room orders are charged ala carte


J.B.COMPLEX, OPP.S.T STAND, Junagadh, Gujarat 362001


  • Non AC sleeper class Train Tickets
  • Non AC Sleeper Bus Tickets
  • Non AC Car
Salient Features
  • Confirmed railway reservations
  • Stay at Hotel
  • Excellent food arrangements
  • Experienced Guide


  • Hotel accomodation on Twin sharing basis
  • All Train tickets as depicted above
  • All Bus tickets as depicted above
  • All transportation for local sight seeing (non ac car)
  • Breakfast and Dinner (Pure vegeterian)
  • Local assistance and guide for Girnaar Darshan
  • Tea or Lime juice enroute to Mount Girnaar overnight
  • Travel Insurance available Optional - costs extra


  • Camera fee (If Any)*
  • Personal shopping expenses
  • 5% GST
  • Expenses caused by factors beyond our control like rail and flight delays, roadblocks, vehicle mal-functions, political disturbances etc.
  • Alcoholic / Non- Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips, laundry & phone call
  • Any room orders in Hotels
  • Any additional expenditure
  • Pooja Prasad Material

Stay Plan

  • Junagadh- 3 Nights

Detailed Itinerary

Day One
  • Departures from Mumbai onward to Ahmedabad
  • Arrival at Ahmedabad
  • Transfer to Junagadh by Sleeper Bus
Day Two
  • Arrival at Junagadh
  • Freshen up
  • Visit Datar Parvat (3500 steps to climb)
  • Visit Navnath Dhuni (there are no steps to climb here, it is a trek of about an hour).
  • Back to Hotel and Rest
Day Three
  • Early wake up - Freshen up (4 am)
  • Leave for Girnar Parikrama - (distance 38 kms)
    • Jina Bawani Madhi
    • Malvela
    • Roopkund
    • Bordevi
    • Girnar Talethi
    Tip: This is a walk for 38 kms which comprises of climbing up 2 hillocks and a mountain. Physical fitness and faith - both are important to complete this parikrama. It can be easily completed in a 13-14 hours.
  • Back to Hotel and rest
Day Four
  • Freshen up - Breakfast
  • Excursion to JataShankar
  • Visit to Punit Ashram
  • Visit to Kashmiri Bapu Ashram
  • Visit to Sant Shiromani Shri Somnath Bapu Ashram
  • Back to Hotel and Rest
  • Early afternoon - Start climbing Girnar
  • Overnight - Girnar Darshan
    • Bhairavnath Sthan
    • Bhartarinath and Raja Gopichand Gufa (cave)
    • Jain Temples
    • Gomukh Ganga
    • Anand Gufa (cave)
    • Mahakali Gufa (cave)
    • Bharatvan
    • Sheshavan
    • Lakhsmi Narayan Temple
    • Ambaji Temple (Shaktipeeth)
    • Guru Gorakshnath Sthan (Highest peak at Girnar)
    • Kamandalu Kund (Shri Guru Dattatreya Dhuni)
    • Guru Shikhar (Shri Guru Dattatreya Charan)
    • Mahakali Gufa (cave - in the jungle - OPTIONAL)
Day Five
  • Back to Hotel at 11:00 am
  • Rest
  • Time for Shopping
  • Dinner and departure from Junagadh
Day Six
  • Arrival at Ahmedabad
  • Departures for Mumbai
  • Yatra Over


Ex Mumbai *(Reporting at Mumbai Central / Borivali)*
EconomyNon ACINR 11,500 (TWIN SHARING)
EconomyNon ACINR 10,500 (TRIPLE SHARING)
PremiumACINR 13,500 (TWIN SHARING)

Note: GST 5% (Government Tax) on total package price

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a religious tour / yatra
  • Consumption of Alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited
  • Above rates are valid on a minimum of 2 adults travelling together.
  • This trip / yatra does not have air travel
  • Rates are subject to change in case of any additional taxes, government fees change etc.
  • Any meals and services unless mentioned in the itinerary, are not included.
  • In case of unavailability in the mentioned hotels, alternate accommodation will be arranged in a similar category hotel.
  • EziiTours reserves the right to decline any passenger.

Payment policy

Booking Fee

  • 3 months in advance: 60%
  • 2 months in advance: 70%
  • 1 month in advance: 100%
Payments can be done by Cheque, Cash or Online using Debit Card or Credit Card

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Fee

  • 30 or more days before departure: 25%
  • 15 or more days before departure: 50%
  • 4 to 7 days before departure: 100%

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सौराष्ट्रात काठेवाड प्रांतात जुनागड संस्थानात गिरनार पर्वत स्थित आहे..साधू संतांच्या वास्तव्याने पुनीत झालेल्या या पर्वतावर दत्तगुरूंचा नित्य निवास असतो.दत्तगुरूंच्या कृपाशिर्वादाची अनुभूति घेण्यासाठी गिरनारला इजी टूरसोबत जरूर भेट द्या. जय गिरनारी पार लगा दो नैय्या हमारी

सर्वात प्रथम तुमचे मनापासून आभार की तुमच्यासोबत मला द्वारका-सोमनाथ-गिरनार ही ट्रिप करायला मिळाली. खुप दिवसांपासून गिरनार दर्शन करायचं मनात होतं ते तुमच्यामुळे शक्य झाले. बाकी तुमच्या सर्व्हिसबद्दल सांगायचे तर खूप उत्तम दर्जाची सर्व्हिस मिळाली. एक धार्मिक ट्रिप असून सुद्धा कुठल्याही प्रकारची कमतरता नव्हती. पुण्यापासूनचा एकूण प्रवास, जेवण, हॉटेल या सर्वांची खुप उत्तम सोय तुम्ही केली, कमी पैसे घेऊनसुद्धा यांच्या दर्जात कुठल्याही प्रकारची तडजोड केली नाही. ...

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