{Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events}

For any organization to inspire and motivate their employees - MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) are most effective. We value your employees as our valuable guests and ensure effective planning that help employees drain away all the stress, workload and get refreshed for busy days ahead.


Higher performances require higher level of motivations and detailed attention to planning, this can be achieved effectively in meetings that convey the vision of the organization. We help plan meetings and workshops in such as fashion that help the organization achieve a higher level of enthusiasm and inspiration. With our group games and activities - higher moral learning and team building activities are performed.


Stronger performances demand bigger incentives. This is just not a statement that should be taken lightly. It has a strong relevance in corporate sector. Incentivized travel can serve a better and long term motivation, it is a big challenge to keep employees motivated all the time and we at EziiTours recognize this challenge. We ensure easy travel plans which serve as incentives and inspire for a long time.


A "Big picture" is what all want to hear and that is precisely what Conferences do for organizations. Arranging a conference though and especially one to a different location can be a pain for the employees to do. We help here and make it really easy for the organization to setup a conference, arrange for all travel requirements and make a plan that your conference goes on smooth without any hassles.


A happening organization cannot exist without happening events. However the planning of those events are really ardent and can put a strain on existing resources. We help you plan events that add value to the organization, local travel events with great destinations that not only destress the employees but also add value in terms of instilling confidence, motivation and inspiration.